General sales conditions


We reserve the right to approve orders. Please refer to the codes used in present document.


Delays in shipment of parts not available in our stock, or in the planned delivery time wont give the right to cancel an arder and will not entitle to claim for damages.


Goods are transported at customer’s risk. When specific instructions are missing, we reserve the right to choose the forwarder.


Prices refer to goods delivered EXW. Prices can be changed if variations in the production costs occur.
The lack of information on possible changes will not give the right to refuse price increases stated in the invoice.


Payment terms should correspond to those stated in the invoice. In case of delay, interests will be calculated and claimed.


Complaints are accepted within 15 days from date of shipment. After this deadline complaints shall be no longer considered.

A restocking charge of 15% of the total value applies if goods are returned due to an incorrect order or for any other reason, with a minimum amount of €60.
If there is a need to re-grind, assemble, re-pack the goods and/or add missing components to allow re-storage to “brand-new” condition, all these costs will be additionally deducted from the credit note.


Warranty is 12 months from setting at work, far usage on one 8-hours-shift and excluding ali wear parts.
Products with constructive defects will be repaired free of charge. We do not assume any responsability for problems caused by misusage or alteration.
Defective goods must be returned to MARIO PINTO in perfect conditions and free of carriage charges.


Torino’s Court will be responsible far any controversy.


We reserve the right to make technical changes without any previous notice.