MARIO PINTO was founded in Torino in 1922. Almost 100 years experience in clamping systems for machine tools are a rich patrimony, offering our customers a wide range of clamping proposals for every clamping need.

Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in our plant in Torino, equipped with modern machines and updated technologies; all components are carefully evaluated and selected, basing on the experience of a number of suppliers and partners who developed with us the required awareness to meet the needs of a modern and globalised market.

Our program is currently including following models:

  • 3 and 4 jaws manual chucks, double and single guided
  • Power chucks
  • Rotating cylinders, pneumatically and hydraulically operated, with and withour through hole
  • 4-jaw independent chucks
  • Specific chucks for cubes
  • Push-to-close and pull-to-close collet chucks, vulcanised sleeves
  • Static collet chucks
  • Expanding mandrels and sleeves
  • Power pull-down column chucks, internal and external clamping
  • Hard jaws, soft jaws, adapters, distributors, drawbars, connections, accessories
  • Special clamping systems
  • Live Tools for motorised turrets
  • Static Tools

Quality and reliability are not our goals; they are the premises we move from to assure our customers the required results.